I would like all of you who have had bad experiences with the Mayo Clinic to PLEASE POST your experience on here so WE CAN DO WHAT THEY AS OF US AS THE patient! TO LET OUR VOICE BE HEARD! They advertise on ALL their counters TO LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD but my experience is that when you do THEY KICK YOU OUT! That is what they did to me even though I TOOTED THE HORNS of the doctors that I loved! I sent patient liaison in AZ a letter LETTING MY VOICE BE HEARD about the horrible unprofessional care I received from a small handful of doctors out there even opening up with the fear I have of coming to the doctors that I loved due to the bad ones. I was then sent a 30 day notice that I could no longer come to Mayo Clinic after that 30 days! Can you believe that treatment all due to letting my voice be heard?? So I took it a step further and filed a BBB complaint against them requesting all the money back I had paid and my insurance had paid since they basically had not finished with my care and did not tell me anything I had not already known from other doctors. We moved to AZ for me to go there and I can not believe the way they treat patients who are not happy with ALL Of the medical care! It is awful. Now I am in the system there for all of my illness and I am FORCED to start all over again somewhere else which could be hazardous to my health. (read my blog) So I am wanting everyone to stand up at one time on here and LET OUR VOICE BE HEARD! Please post if you have also had any bad experiences with any Mayo Clinic!


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